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How to Carve

Many people like to think of wood carving as an old-fashioned task that you do with knives, or as something you do with a tool as clumsy as a chainsaw. A Dremel rotary tool is the most commonly used for wood carving.

Remember, if you’re a woodcarving beginner it can be difficult to carve around these natural formations. Get the cleanest wood possible and come back to the tricky stuff later. Sanding is a good finishing technique if you want a smooth surface. Remember to go with the grain, and consider using small pieces guided by small tools on small areas. A stabbing cut creates sharp carvings in the surface of the wood, allowing you to create hard shadows.

A sabretooth bit has sharp teeth or burrs that can quickly tear through wood and remove material from the blank. Secure the sabretooth bit in the end of your Dremel balsa wood for carving tool by rotating it clockwise. Turn on the tool and slowly press it into the wood to carve it out. Work in slow, short strokes in the direction of the wood grain.

The southern basswood I’ve carved is not as white in color and does not hold fine detail as well. I have carved both, and have also observed that the european lindenwood (lime, from England) was significantly harder. I also very much prefer the lime / linden because it’s harder, stronger, and can take detail really well. I have carved some pieces of basswood that do carve like butter, like I’ve seen in videos, even for me.


Sand around your carving with 150-grit sandpaper to smooth sharp edges. Once you’ve carved out your design, fold a piece of 150-grit sandpaper and rub it over the surface of your wood.

Dremel however, is a company that manufactures a wide array of rotary tools. Their rotary tools are the most popular products, but they make other cutting tools and equipment. With this tool, you can cut, engrave, sand, polish wood, soft metal, ceramic tile, granite and other materials.

Best wood carving tools

Linden wood for carving

Easiest wood to carve

  • It is powered by a 1.2 amp motor and with speeds of 5,000 to 32,000 RPM can go through different types of wood, metal etc.
  • The shaft’s compatibility also means it’s a breeze to switch from carving to cutting and other tasks.
  • The close-pored texture of fruit wood makes it perfect for leak-proof vessels.
  • Wood is a diverse substance, and no two trees are exactly the same when it comes to carving them.
  • You can also use them far from electric outlets, which makes them a good choice for wood carving done on the front or back porches.

Take your time and learn the tools slowly before buying many tools that may sit in the corner and never get used. For a detailed list of all the tools needed to get you started carving (and for less than $140), please see my recommended items here. Whittling – Whittling is the oldest form of wood carving.

Another tool that I would suggest is a 30-power jeweler’s loupe. As a beginner it can be frustrating when you sharpen your tools because you don’t know if you are making any progress. A jeweler’s loupe will help you get a close look at your blade.

Managing Your Woodland for Wildlife

Slide the rod into the back end of the Dremel tool and tighten it by rotating it clockwise. Screw the end of the attachment onto the tool to secure it in place.You can buy a flexible shaft attachment from your local hardware store. Trace the outline on top of carbon paper if you want to transfer the design.

Additionally, choose a knife that’s sharp and easy to grip, like a chip carving knife or a utility knife. You’ll also need several gouges, which are curved tools used to scoop the wood instead of cut it, and chisels, which are sharp tools used with a rubber mallet.

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of DIY enthusiasts recommend you get a flex shaft attachment for your tool. That’s because a flex shaft extends the Dremel functionality. Even if you have a lot of accessories and attachments, it’s easy to change bits via the Universal 3 Jaw Lock. The Dremel 3000 lets you cut wood and other solid surfaces with its multipurpose cutting bit.

I’ve also heard that some of the European pines are acceptable for carving. Some of the harder varieties of pine are true pine at 1570 and red pine at 1630 on the Janka scale. Basswood has a Janka hardness rating of 410, which is near the soft end of the hardness scale.

Like other Dremel rotary tools, the 4300 has a lawn mower and garden tool attachment. It is very capable of wood carving, but it’s also suitable for other projects and tasks. They can be divided into carving and engraving accessories, sharpening, grinding, cutting, sanding, polishing, cleaning and miscellaneous. Apart from wood carving you also get a flex shaft attachment for precise and delicate works. There is a garden tool sharpener attachment so you can keep all those tools in good condition.

Battery-powered models, on the other hand, tend to be heavier, though they give you greater freedom of movement. You can also use them far from electric outlets, which makes them a good choice for wood carving done on the front or back porches.

Both excel at carving and cutting different types of materials. Because it has a more powerful motor it can carve thicker materials with ease. The 5 attachments include a rotating Pivot Light to illuminate your surroundings.